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Luggage Tags

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Travel Tip Tuesday! All About Luggage Tags!

Seems simple enough, right? You may be wondering why I’m dedicating an entire blog post to something as simple as luggage tags. Well, after 10ish years working for an airline, I can tell you not everyone realizes the importance of something like luggage tags and I want to make sure everyone knows about them, what you NEED to put on them, what NOT to put on them and why you even need them. Plus, I’m sharing some of my favs with you!

Lost luggage is no fun! Luggage tags can serve a couple different purposes. First, attaching these to your luggage make your luggage easier to spot when there are more than one bag that look like yours in the baggage claim area. If you have a luggage tag that stands out from the rest, you will quickly and easily locate your luggage. Second, if someone does mistakenly end up with your bag, they will have your contact information. Third, airlines rely on contact info from luggage tags in the case of delayed baggage or baggage that was put onto the wrong flight. They can also retrieve your contact information from your reservation and the airline issued baggage claim tag they attach to your bag, but trust me from personal airline employee experience, clearly labeled luggage tags can make this process quicker and easier.

Also, make sure to stick a tag on your carry on as well. Sometimes, if flights are full, your carryon item (different than your personal item) will have to be placed with the checked luggage. Or if your bag looks similar to another bag stored in the overhead bin, you will want to easily identify yours and prevent someone from mistakenly taking yours.

Make sure your luggage tags include the following info:


Email Address

Phone Number

DO NOT include your home address on your luggage tag. Doing so will just alert criminals of a potentially vacant address. The only contact information you will need is your name and a way for you to be contacted (phone/email). If need be, an airline representative will contact you to arrange delivery of your luggage so it is not necessary to put an address on the tag.

Stand Out From The Crowd

Use fun, different, off the wall luggage tags that are unlikely to be used by other travelers. When our bags all look the same it’s easier to spot yours when your luggage tag stands out!

Here are some fun luggage tags you can grab off Amazon or Etsy to make your luggage stand out.

Grab personalized luggage tags here.

Lewis and Clark Luggage tags are fun for the adventurous traveler.

I like these cute Explore the World ones for people who love to travel.

There are so many to pick from. There is something for everyone out there that will make your luggage stand out from the crowd.

These luggage tags also make great gifts for your family and friends who love to travel. Double them as a gift tag and luggage tag!

Check out this selection of luggage tags on Amazon. So many fun ones to pick from!

Go An Extra Step

It’s easy for someone to mistakenly grab your bag off the bag carousel in baggage claim. Unfortunately, sometimes people intentionally do this as well. Or sometimes the airlines do loose your luggage. It happens. Another layer of protection is by putting a simple tracking device inside your luggage. You can easily locate your luggage with these devices.

There you have it! This is why you really want to make sure to include some fun luggage tags on your bags, including your carry-on items! Speaking of carry-on, check out this list of Everything You Need To Pack In Your Carryon

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