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The Best Snacks For Flights

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The best inflight snacks

Air travel can be exciting, but let’s face it: airplane food often leaves a lot to be desired. Whether you’re embarking on a short domestic flight or a long-haul international journey, having the right snacks on hand can make all the difference in ensuring a pleasant and enjoyable trip. And if you’re a mom of many like me, you are responsible for packing everyone else’s snacks too. With a variety of personal preferences and potential dietary restrictions, packing snacks can just add extra stress to your travels. In this comprehensive guide, we’ll explore the best snacks to take on airplanes, whether you’re looking for healthy options, indulgent treats, or snacks that cater to specific dietary requirements. Get ready to transform your flying experience and make your taste buds soar!

Nutritious and Filling Snacks

When choosing snacks for your flight, it’s essential to go for options that will provide sustained energy and keep you satiated. Here are some nutritious and filling snacks to consider:

a. Trail Mix: Packed with protein, healthy fats, and fiber, trail mix is an excellent choice for a wholesome snack. Look for varieties that include a mix of nuts, dried fruits, and seeds.

b. Energy Bars: Opt for protein bars or energy bars that offer a balance of carbohydrates and protein. Choose ones with natural ingredients and low added sugars to avoid a sugar crash.

c. Fresh Fruit: Portable and refreshing, fruits like apples, grapes, and berries are easy to carry and provide essential vitamins and hydration.

d. Cheese and Crackers: Pack some individually wrapped cheese portions and whole-grain crackers for a protein-rich and satisfying snack.

Travel-Friendly Snacks

The best snacks for airplanes

When you’re on a plane, convenience is key. Consider these travel-friendly snacks that are easy to pack and consume during your flight:

a. Pre-packaged Snack Packs: Look for pre-packaged snack packs that contain a variety of snacks like pretzels, nuts, and dried fruits. These conveniently portioned snacks are perfect for on-the-go munching.

b. Popcorn: Choose lightly salted or air-popped popcorn for a low-calorie snack option. Individual popcorn bags are readily available and make for a satisfying treat.

c. Rice Cakes: Crispy and low in calories, rice cakes are an excellent alternative to chips. They come in various flavors and are conveniently sized for travel.

d. Granola Bars: Packed with fiber and nutrients, granola bars make a great travel snack. Opt for ones without excessive added sugars and artificial ingredients.

Indulgent Treats

The best inflight snacks

Sometimes, you just need a little indulgence during your flight. Here are some delicious treats to satisfy your cravings:

a. Dark Chocolate: A small piece of dark chocolate can provide a sweet fix and is a healthier alternative to milk chocolate. Choose options with at least 70% cocoa for maximum benefits.

b. Mini Cookies: Treat yourself to a pack of mini cookies for a delightful bite-sized indulgence. Look for options made with whole grains or natural ingredients.

c. Snack-Sized Candy: A few pieces of your favorite candy can be a comforting treat during air travel. Opt for bite-sized versions or fun-size packets to control portion sizes.

d. Homemade Baked Goods: If you have the time and inclination, baking your own cookies or muffins allows you to control the ingredients and indulge in a personalized treat.

Dietary-Restriction Friendly Snacks

For those with dietary restrictions or specific food preferences, here are snacks that cater to different dietary needs:

a. Gluten-Free Options: Consider gluten-free crackers, rice-based snacks, or pre-packaged gluten-free snack mixes.

b. Vegan and Plant-Based: Pack vegan protein bars, roasted chickpeas, or a selection of fresh veggies with hummus.

c. Nut-Free Snacks: Opt for seeds, dried fruits, or snacks labeled as “nut-free” to accommodate nut allergies.

d. Low-Sodium Choices: Look for low-sodium pretzels, unsalted popcorn, or homemade kale chips for a crunchy and low-sodium snack.

Choosing the best snacks for your airplane journey can greatly enhance your travel experience.

Whether you prioritize nutrition, convenience, indulgence, or specific dietary requirements, there are plenty of options available to suit your needs. By planning ahead and packing a variety of snacks, you can ensure a more enjoyable and satisfying flight. So, the next time you take to the skies, don’t forget to stock up on these delightful treats and make your journey truly delicious! And make sure you don’t take any liquids with your snacks or they will be confiscated at the security checkpoint. Here’s a great list of things that you DO want to pack in that carry-on, however.

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