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Top 8 Best Fall Cruises; Explore Them Here

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Top 8 Fall Cruises

The fall is an amazing time to cruise to so many different places!

Here’s my quick list of my top 8 destinations to cruise to during the fall and a brief reason as to why.

1. Caribbean

Caribbean Cruise

A cruise to the Caribbean could turn into one of the perfect fall cruises. It’s not summer anymore so those summer crowds have dwindled down a bit (think less kids traveling except maybe during Thanksgiving). The weather has started to cool off a bit but is still warm enough to enjoy the beaches and all things tropical. However, it is still technically hurricane season so be flexible in case your cruise gets rerouted. Unlikely, but possible so just keep that in mind.

2. New England/Canada

What’s not to love about some beautiful fall foliage? The best time to see these brilliant colors are August-October, so if you love all the colors of fall, this is the perfect time for you to go! And talk about that coastline! Wow! Breathtaking is an understatement!

3. Hawaii

Hawaii year round is amazing. The weather is pretty much perfect in September and October and the cruise prices are a little lower in early November and early December. So any time from September-December is a great time to book your Hawaii cruise. Depending on how much time you have and your finances, you can sail all the way from the mainland or fly to the islands and sail around that way.

4. Alaska

Fall cruises in Alaska can be pretty awesome. It’s considered the “shoulder season” (not peak and not low for travel), so it’s pretty much perfect because there are less crowds. The fall foliage is beautiful. Speaking of beauty, know what you can see during the fall in Alaska? Northern lights! If you haven’t experience the Northern Lights yet, go ahead and throw that on your bucket list right now! Since there are fewer travelers during this time, you can often find good sales and still get the rooms on board that you desire. Just keep in mind the weather is getting colder. September and October are the months to consider for fall cruises in Alaska.

5. California Coast

The weather on the California coast is pretty decent during the fall months. Keep in mind California is a long state and Northern California is quite a bit cooler than Southern California. September and October are great months to visit the wine country, as a lot of wineries are harvesting their grapes so it’s a great time to check out wineries. Southern California is still plenty warm so you can enjoy the beaches and many amusement parks during port days without the summer crowds.

6. European River Cruise

Fall cruises offer an almost endless possibilities with river cruises. Just like with California, there are some great wineries in Europe. During these months you can tour wineries that are in the middle of their harvest. The weather is still nice enough to experience outdoor activities such as tours of castles and nature hikes and explore multiple cities. It’s a great time to take in historic sites.

7. Greek Isles

How beautiful is that crystal clear Greek water! The air temperature has began to drop to where it’s comfortable and the crowds have dwindled. Since there are fewer people there, you have great opportunities for fabulous photos of places like the Acropolis.

8. Panama Canal

Fall Cruises

School is back in session, and there are fewer tourists. Fall is the rainy season, so be prepared for that, but with the rain comes the lushness of the landscape and the waterfalls are sure to be flowing in all of their glory. It’s the perfect season for those of you who like to get outdoors and explore!

You can’t go wrong with any of these cruises.

There you have it, my top 8 fall cruises. Read more on each of these destinations in upcoming blog posts. Be sure to subscribe so you don’t miss out!

What’s your favorite place you’ve visited in the fall, on a cruise or otherwise?

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